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    I wonder if that is really the restaurant's policy, or there is just a lazy chef back there that tells the service staff no substitutions. At least you lrft a tip

    Fantastic post. I love your sense of humor and of course the moral of the story. I do the same when I don't feel my service is as it should be. We went to a Thai restaurant recently where we asked the waitress to bring the spices on the side just in case someone didn't like their food too hot and she did, she dropped them on the table and left. We had no clue what was in the teenie tiny containers so we asked right? She rolled her eyes as if we were such idiots, how could we not know. Ummm well, we're not Thai and its the first time we visit your establishment, how about showing some pride in your culture and telling us about the food we're eating. Like you, I "908"d her and when I went back, I made my tip nice and generous because the other waitress was fantastic!!

    I love this post!! I was having a conversation yesterday about bad service in today's economy. None of any of us can really afford to be non-customer oriented. Your sense of humor and straight-talk voice are delightful!

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